Rubidiumâ„¢ MG362x1A SeriesLow-Noise RF/Microwave SignalGenerators : Instrument Overview : Common GUI Controls
Common GUI Controls
In addition to the touch gestures described in the previous section, the following lists the most common controls that you will encounter when working with the Rubidium signal generator.
Common Controls
3-Line Icon
The toolbar's 3-line icon provides access to the MG362x1A system operation parameters. Refer to System Menu.
Notification Icon
The notification icon provides access to informational and error messages. The number indicates the how many notification messages are recorded. Press the notification icon to display the messages.
Frequency Reference
Shows the current frequency reference as an internal or external reference. The frequency references are:
EXT 1600: 1600 MHz external signal input
EXT 100: External 100 MHz external signal input
EXT 1PPS: 1 Pulse Per Second external signal input
EXT 10: 10 MHz external signal input
INT GPS: Internal GPS signal
INT Rb: Internal Rubidium signal
INT 100: Internal 100 MHz signal
INT 10: Internal 10 MHz signal
Close Icon
The close icon is used to close menus and other dialogs.
Chevron Icon
The chevron icon will expand and collapse the status and table displays.
Toggle Icon
The toggle icon will enable and disable the feature. When highlighted in blue, the item is enabled.
Drop Down Icon
The drop-down icon exposes a of items from which to choose.
Refresh Icon
The refresh icon will restart a process, such as a sweep or averaging count.
Edit Icon
The edit icon allows editing of a feature or label.
Enter Icon
The enter icon accepts an entry. A similar icon is found on menu buttons to indicate an additional menu.
Previous Menu Icon
Press to go back to the previous menu.
Page Icon
The highlighted dot indicates the active page. This icon indicates page 1 of 2 is active.
Page Arrow
Left arrow points to the previous page. Right Arrow points to the next page. Press to view either the previous or next page.
Information Icon
Press to provide additional information.