Rubidium™ MG362x1A SeriesLow-Noise RF/Microwave SignalGenerators : Instrument Operation : Power Level Sweep Operation : Setting CW Power Sweep, Step Size, and Dwell Time
Setting CW Power Sweep, Step Size, and Dwell Time
To set the size of each step of the CW power sweep, set the step size or set the number of steps. The step size range is 0.01 dB (Log) or 0.001 mV (Linear) to 163 dB; the number of steps range is 1 to 10,000. The dwell time-per-step of the CW power sweep can be set for any time in the range of 1 ms to 99 sec. If the sweep crosses a step attenuator setting, there will be a sweep dwell of approximately 20 ms to allow setting of the step attenuator.
Press DWELL TIME to open the dwell time-per-step parameter.
Press STEP SIZE to open the step size parameter.
Press NUMBER OF POINTS to open the number of steps parameter.
Press and edit the current value using the cursor control keys, rotary data knob, or enter a new value using the key pad and appropriate termination button. When you have finished setting the open parameter, close it by pressing its menu soft key or by making another menu selection.