Remote Spectrum Monitor™ MS27201A User Guide : Instrument Overview
Instrument Overview
Front and Rear Panels
Front Panel
Rear Panel
Turning On the MS27201A RSM
MS27201A PC Software
Vision Monitor
PC Requirements for MS27201A
Connecting to the MS27201A or Localhost
GUI Overview
Common GUI Controls
Data Entry
Scroll Indication
Title Bar
Selecting the Analyzer
System Menu
System Information
Settings Menu
Display Settings
Network Settings
Ethernet Settings
GPS/GNSS Settings (Option 31)
Screenshot Setup
Date Time Settings
Port Setup
Options Settings
Advanced Settings
Reset Settings
FTP Access
Event Log
Self Test
Service Mode
Tools Menu
IQ Streaming
Map Tool
Discovery Tool
Software Update
Installing the Software
This chapter provides an overview of the Anritsu MS27201A RSM. It describes the instrument hardware features, general system settings and instrument configurations, and the connector panels. The Remote Spectrum Monitor uses a remote PC for the user interface. The interface menus can vary depending on the current measurement configuration, installed options, and selected instrument function. For detailed information on the instrument’s user interface and functions, refer to the relevant chapter for your measurement:
Spectrum Monitor Measurements
LTE Measurements
5GNR Measurements
IQ Capture/Streaming (Option 124/125 and 126/127)