Remote Spectrum Monitor™ MS27201A User Guide : Instrument Overview : MS27201A PC Software
MS27201A PC Software
The MS27201A PC software provides remote access to a network connected instrument and displays the MS27201A user interface, instrument controls, and live measurement data on the computer screen. The software also allows you to load measurement and setup data from saved files and then perform measurement analysis on the recalled traces, even when instrument hardware is not available or is not connected to the PC by using the localhost (refer to Connecting to the MS27201A or Localhost). The user interface provides the same functionality when an instrument is connected with the exception that file operations will interface with the PC file system rather than on the instrument, and save on event operations will be saved to the instrument memory (refer to Files).
Connecting to the localhost is like connecting to an instrument so there is no expectation of carrying over settings or trace data from one to the other. The localhost will include option controlled functionality with most options automatically enabled (refer to GUI Overview).
Vision Monitor
Vision Monitor is a PC user interface for monitoring remote spectrum activity. Measurement data is provided in a variety of formats including spectrum trace data, spectrograms, tables and plots. Real-time spectrum measurements can be accessed from anywhere in the network where multiple monitors are deployed.
The Vision Monitor application is fully automated. Measurements can be captured and periodically uploaded to a database for further processing. Depending on need and storage capacity, users can store spectrum history over many months or years.
All spectrum measurement databases are searchable, allowing the user to quickly locate patterns of signal activity relevant to an investigation. The spectrum history can also potentially be used in legal proceedings for documenting illegal or unlicensed broadcast activity. Other functions provided by Vision Monitor include the following:
Management functions for all remote spectrum monitors deployed
Threshold and trace mask settings for alarm generation
Reporting on spectrum integrity on a daily or weekly basis
Visualization capability for probe positions using Google Maps™ or OpenStreetMap™
Control capabilities for each spectrum monitor probe
Alarm reporting showing location on map where violation occurred
Email alerts
Signal ID for Broadcasters
For more information and literature on Vision Spectrum Monitoring Application Software visit the product page and select the Library tab: