Remote Spectrum Monitorâ„¢ MS27201A User Guide : Instrument Overview : Connecting to the MS27201A or Localhost
Connecting to the MS27201A or Localhost
Connecting to a networked instrument or to the localhost is established via the System menu. Insert the USB memory device into the instrument and wait for about 10 seconds. Insert the USB memory device onto a PC, then open the ip.txt file and copy the IP address in the HOSTNAME/IP ADDRESS field on the MS27201A software. Otherwise use the static IP address ( that is shipped with the unit.
The System menu identifies the instrument model and serial number.
This field is used to specify the IP address or hostname of an instrument that is connected to the network.
When Use local (localhost) is toggled on, the software will connect locally to provide some UI functionality.
Note that some of the system menus have limited functionality when the software is connected to the localhost. When connected to an instrument, refer to System Menu.
Displays information about the instrument and software.
Provides access to setting the display color theme and screenshot capture settings (refer to Display Settings).
Opens the Windows file explorer. Refer to Files.
Opens the Tools Menu.
Opens a dialog to RESTART or POWER OFF the instrument.
Refer to System Override if the instrument does not respond to SCPI commands and needs to be reset remotely.