Remote Spectrum Monitorâ„¢ MS27201A User Guide : Instrument Overview : System Menu
System Menu
System Menu  
The System menu identifies the instrument model and serial number.
Displayed only on the MS27201A PC application. This field is used to specify the IP address or hostname of an instrument that is connected to the network. When Use local (localhost) is toggled on, the software will connect locally to provide some UI functionality.Refer to MS27201A PC Software for details.
Opens the System Information panel showing instrument, software, and network connection details.
Opens the Settings Menu, providing access to all system level settings and controls.
Opens Files. Note that the file management menus are different from the right-side FILE menu. Use file management to organize, copy, and rename files. Use the right side FILE menu to save and recall measurement data, instrument setup files, or to save a screenshot.
Opens Tools Menu.
Opens a dialog to RESTART or POWER OFF the instrument.
System Information
The System Information panel shows all information about the instrument hardware, software, and connectivity. From here, you can also toggle software update checking when connected to the Internet and start a software update when one is available. If web updates are toggled on, the instrument will automatically check for updates once every 24 hours or when the user clicks the "CHECK" button.
System Information
The notification area is where all dynamic notifications are presented. These notifications are generally information messages to the user and not hardware failure messages. Refer to Self Test and Instrument Messages and Troubleshooting for more diagnostic information.
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