Remote Spectrum Monitor™ MS27201A User Guide : Instrument Overview : Files
1. Access the System menu (3-line icon in the upper left corner).
2. Click FILES to access the local PC file system by opening the windows file explorer.
Files Menu
To access the target file system, the user requires the use of the SCPI commands or an FTP client.
FTP Access
An FTP server has been included in the instrument to allow direct access to files stored on the instrument (or on a USB drive connected to the instrument) from a remote computer. To access the FTP server:
1. Connect the instrument to a network.
2. Use an FTP client of choice (such as Windows Explorer or File Explorer) and enter “ftp://” and the IP address of the instrument as the host. For example:
3. Enter the user name: ftp
4. Enter the password: serial number of the instrument
The serial number can be obtained from the System Information menu or through SCPI using the "*IDN?" command.