Remote Spectrum Monitor™ MS27201A User Guide : 5GNR Measurements : Main Menu
Main Menu
The main menu is the primary access point for all instrument controls and measurement selections. The main function for each main menu button is described below.
Main Menu 
Contains all frequency control settings such as center frequency, start and stop frequency, span, frequency offset, and frequency step. Refer to Setting Frequency and Band Parameters.
Provides access to all amplitude-related settings including reference level, graticule scale, and attenuator/preamp settings. Refer to Setting Amplitude.
Provides access to resolution and video bandwidth settings and Auto ratios, and sets the bandwidth filter types. Refer to Setting Bandwidth Parameters.
Provides trace- and detection-related controls to set trace behaviors, presets, and access to the trace/detector settings table. When in Spectrogram view, also provides spectrogram cursor controls. Refer to Setting Trace Parameters.
Provides controls for sweep behaviors, number of measurement points, and gated sweep settings (with Option 90). Refer to Setting Sweep Parameters.
Used to enable and set all marker-related parameters and provides access to the marker table. Refer to Setting Up Markers.
Not used in the 5GNR analyzer.
Not used in the 5GNR analyzer.
Used to select measurements such as 5GNR summary, channel power, occupied bandwidth, and equivalent isotropic radiated power. Refer to MEASURE Menu (5GNR).
Measurement controls for setting advanced measurements.5GNR Measurement Setup
Opens the PRESET menu with selective trace, marker, limits, and measurement preset commands, or an all inclusive analyzer preset command. Refer to Presetting the Analyzer.
Used to save and recall instrument setups and measurements. Refer to Saving and Recalling Measurements.
Using Menus
Instrument setup, control, and measurement functions are performed through the use of menus. Menu behaviors are summarized below:
Clicking a main menu button opens an associated menu.
The name of the button clicked in the main menu is reflected in the title bar of the resulting menu.
Menu buttons can change for various measurement settings, instrument setup parameters, and measurement views.
Clicking the corresponding main menu button for a menu closes the menu.
Clicking status data, a parameter field, or label in the display area opens the corresponding menu and the associated keypad for editing that parameter setting.
Clicking Accept, Cancel, or the X in the upper right corner closes the menu or keypad.