Remote Spectrum Monitor™ MS27201A User Guide : 5GNR Measurements : Presetting the Analyzer
Presetting the Analyzer
The PRESET menu sets certain settings to the default state. Preset only affects the current analyzer settings, such as those for the spectrum analyzer or for the 5GNR analyzer. Preset does not affect user files or system settings such as networking settings. For other reset options, such as a complete factory reset of the instrument, refer to Reset Settings, Reset Settings. To recover from system software faults, refer to Instrument Messages and Troubleshooting.
Presets all values on the MARKER menu to default values. Not available in 5GNR Summary measurement.
Presets all values on the SETUP menu to default values.
Presets all of the current analyzer settings to default values.
Saving and Recalling Measurements
The Remote Spectrum Monitor can save measurement setups, native trace and CSV trace data, limit line setups, and screenshots. You can recall setup, native trace, and limit line files. For other file operations such as copy, move, and directory management, refer to Files.
Saving a Measurement
To save a measurement or setup, refer to Figure: File Save Dialog:
1. Click FILE > SAVE AS...
2. Select the type of file to save from the selection list.
3. Click SAVE to save the file.
File Save Dialog
Once a file has been saved, the QUICK SAVE feature can be used to quickly save the same type of file with an incrementing number appended to the end of the original file name.
Recalling a Measurement
You can recall a saved setup, native trace measurement, and a limit line. When recalling a setup, the instrument setup and operating state will be restored as it was when the setup was saved. When recalling a trace measurement, the instrument setup and on-screen measurement data will be restored as it was when the trace data was saved.
To recall a measurement or setup, refer to Figure: File Open Dialog:
1. Click FILE > RECALL...
2. Select the desired file from the displayed list.
3. Click OPEN to recall the file.
File Open Dialog
When a measurement is recalled, the trace or sweep state will be set to hold. To restore active measurements, disable SWEEP > HOLD and/or set TRACE > MODE > Active.
Saves a setup file immediately with the name shown in the button. The number in the name is incremented automatically so that the new name is ready for the next setup file to be saved.
Opens the Save dialog to manually enter a file location, enter a file name, and to set the file type to be saved. Depending on the selected measurement, you can save the following:
Setup: Saves the current instrument setup (stp file type).
Trace: Saves the measurement point (trace) data and the current instrument setup (fm5gnr file type).
Trace CSV: Saves the visible trace point data in comma separated value format (.csv file type). This format is useful for further analysis using other software tools.
Screenshot: Saves a screenshot of the current measurement (png file type).
Trace + Screenshot: Saves both the current measurement and screenshot files (both fm5gnr and png file types).
Opens the Recall File dialog to retrieve a file from a desired location.
Initiates a digitized 5G data capture. 5G captures are saved to the internal storage space in the captures folder (bin file type). This feature is meant to help identify 5GNR signal characteristics during early development.
Automatically initiates a digitized 5G data capture when synchronization fails. The setting can be configured to capture just a single event or repeat events. 5G captures are saved to the internal storage space.
Opens Files.