Remote Spectrum Monitor™ MS27201A User Guide : Instrument Messages and Troubleshooting
Instrument Messages and Troubleshooting
This appendix provides a list of instrument messages and their meaning. If any error condition persists, contact your local Anritsu Service Center (
Remote Spectrum Monitor displays the following message types:
Self-Test Messages, indicating self-test pass or fail conditions.
Informational Messages, such as notification of a screen capture.
Warning Messages, such as an ADC over-range warning.
Error Messages, such as an internal instrument fault.
Messages have the following display characteristics:
Transient messages appear briefly and then fade away.
Persistent messages remain on the display and require user intervention to correct the condition.
Some messages are logged but not displayed, such as messages in the event log.
Messages may be displayed either in the toolbar or in a pop-up window.
Follow the UDP Discovery Tool Firewall Settings to change the Windows firewall settings if Discovery Tool is unresponsive.
Refer to System Override if the instrument does not respond to SCPI commands and needs to be reset remotely.