Remote Spectrum Monitorâ„¢ MS27201A User Guide : LTE Measurements : Setting Frequency and Bandwidth Parameters
Setting Frequency and Bandwidth Parameters
Frequency and channel bandwidth parameters are set using the FREQUENCY Menu. The channel center frequency and bandwidth can be set manually. When set to manual band, the EARFCN is unassigned. When a predefined EARFCN is selected, the uplink and downlink carrier frequencies are set automatically.
Configuring the Band
These settings are also displayed in the left side status panel and can be directly accessed from those controls.
1. Click FREQ SPAN > CENTER FREQUENCY, and then enter the center frequency using the keypad.
2. Select the channel bandwidth from the CHANNEL BW selection list.
3. Select the EARFCN code form the drop-down selection.
The FREQUENCY menu is available in all LTE measurements.
FREQUENCY Menu (LTE Measurements)
Sets the center frequency of the measurement channel.
Sets the measurement channel bandwidth. The available bandwidth settings depend on the selected band and bandwidth option installed in the instrument. Refer to Options Settings.
E-UTRA Absolute Radio Frequency Channel Number (EARFCN) uniquely identifies the LTE band and carrier frequency. Sets the uplink and downlink carrier frequencies, which range from 0 to 65535.
Opens the SIGNAL STANDARDS Dialog. This dialog provides a selection list of predefined LTE signal standards. Selecting an LTE signal standard configures the instrument for measurements in the selected band.
Opens the GESTURES Menu. Available in Channel power measurement mode only.
The SIGNAL STADARDS dialog is available in all LTE measurements.
SIGNAL STANDARDS Dialog (LTE Measurements)
The GESTURES menu is only available in RF measurements (trace displays).
GESTURES Menu (LTE RF Measurements) 
Toggles the drag feature on or off. When toggled off, the center frequency will not change when dragging the spectrum display. This can be useful when dragging markers.
Note that the Drag feature can also be toggled on/off by clicking the locks under the display.