Remote Spectrum Monitorâ„¢ MS27201A User Guide : IQ Capture/Streaming (Option 124/125 and 126/127) : IQ Capture Block Mode
IQ Capture Block Mode
This mode captures a single block of IQ data. IQ data is first stored to high speed DDR4 SDRAM buffer memory and then it can be saved to flash memory or sent to a remote user via Ethernet. The capture length (duration) is limited by the size of the buffer memory (2 GB) and IQ data rate, which is determined by the capture bandwidth. The IQ capture bandwidth must be set to one of the available values listed in the user interface. The output data rate for a single IQ data pair is depended on the selected bandwidth. The output data rate does not change, regardless of bit resolution. The maximum capture length is limited by memory, capture bandwidth and bit resolution. Refer to the MS2720xA Technical Data Sheet for more information.