Remote Spectrum Monitorâ„¢ MS27201A User Guide : IQ Capture/Streaming (Option 124/125 and 126/127) : Setting Up the Data Out Port and MA25424A
Setting Up the Data Out Port and MA25424A
Set up the MS2720xA and MA25424A for IQ streaming to IQC5000B as shown below:
MA25424A and IQC5000B Setup
The IQC5000B controls the IQ streaming operation via the Ethernet connection to the MS2720xA. The MS2720xA Data Out and USB ports connect to the MA25424A Data In and USB ports (note that the USB port is used for power and this could come from any external USB 3.0 power supply capable of supplying ~4 W). The MA25424A splits the I and Q signal components to the two respective I and Q output ports (IEEE 1284-C) and streams the data to the IQC5000B I and Q input ports.
Refer to the IQC5000B documentation for a description of its controls.