Remote Spectrum Monitorâ„¢ MS27201A Programming Manual : Programming with SCPI
Programming with SCPI
Scope of Manual
Additional Documentation
Remote Programming Setup and Interface
Network Interface Connection and Setup
Sending SCPI Commands with NI-VISA
SCPI Command Overview
Command Names
Command Syntax
Data Parameters
Spectrum Trace Data Format
Unit Suffixes
Query Commands
Hierarchical Command Structure
SCPI Command Types
SCPI Common Commands
SCPI Required Commands
SCPI Optional Commands
Status System Reporting
Status Group Registers
Status Group Reporting
SCPI Commands
SCPI Command Programming Examples
Notational Examples
Spectrum Trace Data via SCPI
IQ Capture Programming Examples
Scope of Manual
This manual provides SCPI programming information and a list of SCPI programming commands for the Anritsu MS27201A Remote Spectrum Monitor.
Additional Documentation
Document Part Number
Product Information, Compliance, and Safety Notices
MS27201A Remote Spectrum Monitor Technical Data Sheet
MS27201A Remote Spectrum Monitor User Guide
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This chapter provides an introduction to Standard Commands for Programming Instruments (SCPI). The SCPI standard defines a set of programming commands and standards for use by all SCPI compatible instruments. SCPI is intended to provide a consistent environment for program development. It does so by defining standardized controller messages, instrument responses, and message formats for all SCPI compatible instruments. The following sections include descriptions of the command types, hierarchical command structure, command subsystems, data parameters, and notational conventions with examples.