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Contacting Anritsu
To contact Anritsu, please visit:
From here, you can select the latest sales, select service and support contact information in your country or region, provide feedback, complete a “Talk to Anritsu” form to have your questions answered, or obtain other services offered by Anritsu.
Updated product information can be found on the Anritsu web site:
Search for the product model number. The latest documentation is on the product page under the Library tab.
Selecting a Measurement Mode
To switch to another measurement mode, or application:
1. Press the Shift front panel key, followed by Mode (9). The Mode Selector dialog opens.
2. Use the arrow keys or rotary knob, or press the touch screen to highlight the desired measurement mode. The list of available applications depends on the options that are installed and activated on your instrument. See Figure: Mode Selector Dialog Box.
3. Press Enter.
Mode Selector Dialog Box
On instruments that have a front panel Menu key, an alternate method of changing the measurement mode is to press Menu, then press the appropriate application icon on the touch screen.
Menu Key Screen - Application Icons and User-Defined Shortcuts