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CPRI Configuration Example
Following is an example of configuring the Anritsu instrument for CPRI testing on the RRH or uplink LTE signal (Port B Out from Port AB on the optical TAP), using one of the available uplink radio presets. The instructions pertain to an Anritsu BTS Master MT8220T loaded with Option 752. Your screen display and user menus may differ depending on your instrument model and firmware version.
1. If your test instrument is not in CPRI measurement mode, press the front panel Menu key, then press the CPRI RF application icon.
2. Press the Measurements main menu key at the bottom of the touch screen.
3. Press the CPRI Configure menu key.
4. Press SFP Port1 Config or SFP Port2 Config, as appropriate.
5. Press Auto Detect.
6. Press Radio Preset and select the desired radio manufacturer and uplink/downlink type from the drop-down list, then press Enter.
7. If the preset is Ericsson, turn the rotary knob to set CPRI aggregation on or off.
CPRI Parameter Auto-Detect Dialog
8. Press the Start button or the Start Auto Detect menu key.
9. The line rate is determined automatically. Antenna Carrier (AxC) groups that are available for selection are displayed in color. See Figure: Line Rate and Available AxC Groups.
10. Press one of the highlighted AxC groups.
Line Rate and Available AxC Groups
11. A Spectrum view similar to Figure: Sample Spectrum Display is displayed.
Sample Spectrum Display
12. To change the view to spectrogram, press the Measurements key, then Spectrogram.
Refer to the Spectrum Analyzer Measurement Guide for details on Spectrum Analyzer and Interference Analyzer (Spectrogram) functions.