CPRI LTE RF Analyzer and BBU Emulator : CPRI LTE RF Analyzer : Base Band Unit Emulation (Option 760) : LTE Waveform Download
LTE Waveform Download
As with BBU scripts, LTE waveforms are provided with Option 760. Skip this section unless you need to download your own LTE waveforms to the Anritsu test instrument. The waveform folder must be named AN_LTE_Waveforms and reside in the root directory of a USB storage device. Files must be contained in subfolders named for the bandwidths: 5MHz, 10MHz, 15MHz, and 20MHz.
1. Insert the USB device containing the waveform files into the test instrument USB port.
2. With the instrument running in CPRI Mode, press Measurements, then BBU Emulation.
3. Press Waveform USB Download.
An error message is displayed if no USB device is connected or no properly named waveform directory is found.
4. Select a bandwidth from the list, then press Enter.
LTE Waveform Bandwidth List
5. Scroll through the list associated with the chosen bandwidth and press Select/Deselect to highlight waveforms, then press Copy Selected To Internal Memory.
LTE Waveforms Download
6. Repeat Step 3 through Step 5 as needed to download waveforms of different bandwidths.