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Marker Menu
Marker settings apply to the currently selected AxC trace. Press the Marker main menu key to open the Marker 1/2 menu. Up to 6 markers may be set, but only on one trace at a time. Use the arrow keys to change marker frequency.
Key Sequence: Marker
Marker 1/2 Menu
Press this key to display the Select Marker box illustrated in Figure: Select Marker (instrument models with touch screen), then press a marker number (M1 to M6) to make the marker active and turn it on. The selected marker number is underlined on the Marker menu key.
The key sequence is different if your Anritsu instrument is not a touch screen model. Refer to your instrument User Guide.
Turns on or off the currently active marker. When on, the active marker is highlighted in red. See Figure: Active Marker M2.
Delta On/Off
Turns on a delta marker. Use the numeric keypad to enter an offset value from the frequency of the currently active marker. Press the +/- key to enter a negative offset. In Figure: Delta Marker 2, the delta marker is set at -3 MHz from Marker 2.
Marker Freq to Center
Moves the frequency noted by the active marker to the center frequency position and center of the display.
Opens a submenu of additional Marker options. See the Marker 2/2 Menu.
Select Marker (instrument models with touch screen)
Active Marker M2
Delta Marker 2