2-Port Transmission Measurement Guide : 2-port Transmission Measurement (Option 21) : 2-port Transmission Setup : Sweep/Setup
The sweep/setup menus include keys to set Manual Trigger, Single or Continuous Sweep, Averaging, Output Power, and it also has a selection to turn on high dynamic range mode.
Sweep/Setup Menu
Manual Trigger
Press this submenu key to make a single sweep when the instrument is in single sweep mode. This key has no function when the instrument is in continuous sweep mode.
1. Press the Sweep/Setup main menu key.
2. Press the Manual Trigger submenu key.
Sweep Single/Continuous
This submenu key toggles between continuous sweep and single sweep. In single sweep mode, the results of a sweep are displayed on the screen while the instrument waits for a manual trigger to start a new sweep.
1. Press the Sweep/Setup menu key.
2. Toggle the Sweep Single/Continuous key.
Averaging averages the trace to minimize the effect of outliers. Trace averaging takes the running average of the number of traces indicated in the Averaging Factor. The Average Count in the status window turns on if Averaging is turned on. When the Average Count reaches the entered average count, a running average of the last set of sweeps is performed. Averaging Factor can be set between 2 and 65535.
1. Press the Sweep/Setup main menu key.
2. Press the Averaging submenu key.
3. Press Averaging Factor and enter the number of running averages using the keypad, then press Enter.
4. Press the Averaging On key. The red circle confirms that averaging is on.
Output Power (Low/High)
The power level defaults to Low (~ –30 dBm) for all 2-port measurements. This is ideal if you are measuring active devices such as Tower Mounted Amplifiers. The low power setting will ensure the measurement is made in the linear region and that the instrument is not over powered.
Output power set to High (~ 0 dBm) should only be used when making loss measurements.
Please note that calibration is only valid for the selected output power level.
1. Press the Sweep/Setup main menu key.
2. Select the Output Power submenu key and toggle Output Power between High and Low.
High Dynamic Range
The high dynamic range mode can be used for applications where additional dynamic range is required. Note that the sweep speed slows down in high dynamic range mode.
1. Press the Sweep/Setup main menu key.
2. Select the High Dynamic Range submenu key and toggle High Dynamic Range between On and Off.