2-Port Transmission Measurement Guide : 2-port Transmission Measurement (Option 21) : Calibration : Calibration Procedure
Calibration Procedure
1. Connect a test port extension cable to the RF Out connector.
2. Connect a second test port extension cable to the RF In connector.
3. Press the Freq main menu key, then the Start Freq submenu key and enter the start frequency.
4. Press the Stop Freq submenu key and enter the stop frequency.
5. Press Shift then Calibrate (2) to enter the calibration menu.
6. Set the Power Level to Low or High. Only set it to High for passive measurements.
7. Press the Start Cal key and follow instructions on the display.
8. Connect the cable connected to RF In to the end of the cable connected to RF Out.
After the calibration is complete, the status display message in the upper left will display “TM Cal On”. The trace should be flat at the 0 dB reference line and ready for measurements.
Save Calibration Setup
1. Press Shift then File (7) to enter the file menu.
2. Press the Save submenu key.
3. Press the Change Type key, select Setup in the dialog box and press Enter.
4. Use the onscreen keyboard to enter the filename and press Enter.
For details on how to save files and change the save location, refer to the File Management chapter in the Users Guide.