2-Port Transmission Measurement Guide : 2-port Transmission Measurement (Option 21) : Limit Menu
Limit Menu
Limit lines can be used for visual reference only, or for pass/fail criteria using the limit alarm. Limit alarm failures are reported whenever a signal crosses the limit line.
Each limit line can consist of a single segment, or as many as 40 segments across the entire frequency span of the instrument. These limit segments are retained regardless of the current frequency span of the instrument, allowing the configuring of specific limit envelopes at various frequencies of interest without having to re-configure them each time the frequency is changed. To clear the current limit setup configuration and return to a single limit segment starting at the current start frequency and ending at the current stop frequency, press the Clear Limit submenu key.
Key Sequence: Shift > Limit (6) key
Limit Menu
Limit On/Off
This key toggles limit lines on or off.
Single Limit
This key creates a single segment limit line. The amplitude of the limit line is adjusted with the arrow keys, rotary knob, or the numeric keypad.
Multi-Segment Edit
The Limit Edit Menu is displayed to allow the creation or editing of single or multi-segment limit lines. The currently active limit point is marked by a red circle on the display.
Limit Alarm
This submenu key selects, for the currently active limit line, if an alarm beep will occur when a data point exceeds the limit.
Clear Limit
This submenu key deletes all limit points for the currently active limit line.