Power Meter Measurement Guide : High Accuracy Power Meter : General Measurement Setup : Using Attenuators
Using Attenuators
1. Press the Amplitude main menu key, and press the Enter Offset submenu key.
2. Enter the offset value for the attenuator at the frequency of operation.
Displaying Relative Power
1. Press the Amplitude main menu key.
2. With the desired base power level being available at the sensor, press the Relative submenu key. The power reading shows 0 dB and 100 %. If you are measuring a 10 dBm signal, and if the Relative key is pressed, then a drop to 7 dBm will show as – 3 dB and 50 %.
Averaging/Max Hold/Run Hold
1. Press the Average main menu key.
2. Press the Running Averages submenu key. Use the arrow keys, rotary knob, or numeric keypad to enter the desired number of averages.
3. Press the Max Hold submenu key to toggle between Max Hold On and Max Hold Off. If averaging is selected, then Max Hold displays the maximum value of the non‑averaged data.
Averages Menu on the High Accuracy Power Meter