Power Meter Measurement Guide : High Accuracy Power Meter
High Accuracy Power Meter
Required Equipment
General Measurement Setup
Changing the Display Units
Zero and Cal
Changing the Scale of the Analog Display
Using Attenuators
Displaying Relative Power
Averaging/Max Hold/Run Hold
High Accuracy Power Meter Menus
Amplitude Menu
Average Menu
Zero/Cal Menu
Limit Menu
Sweep Menu
Measure Menu
Trace Menu
Other Menus
When the High Accuracy Power Meter (Option 19) is installed in your instrument, an Anritsu sensor can be used to make power measurements to high accuracy. This high-performance option provides true RMS measurements and accurate measurements for both CW and complex digitally modulated signals. Table: Option 19 USB Power Sensors lists the Option 19 compatible Anritsu sensors.
The Anritsu sensor is not included with Option 19. A high accuracy power sensor must be purchased separately and the instrument must have compatible firmware installed.