Power Meter Measurement Guide : High Accuracy Power Meter : Amplitude Menu
Amplitude Menu
Key Sequence: Amplitude
High Accuracy Power Meter Amplitude Menu
Sets the maximum value on the display.
Sets the minimum value on the display.
Enter Offset
Turns Offset On or Off. When on, a value of ± 100 dB can be entered.
Press this submenu key to toggle relative power On or Off. This measurement shows the relative level of the desired base
power level input to your instrument. When ON, the message
Relative: On nnn dB (where nnn dB is the current relative value) shows in the message area. The units will be automatically reverted
to dBm if necessary.
Opens the Units menu.
dBm or Watt
Select a unit of measure for the power meter.
The selected unit is indicated by the red circle.
Returns to the Amplitude Menu.
Adjusts the Top and Bottom values so that the power meter needle will be shown in the middle of the analog display.