Site MasterCable and Antenna Analyzer with Spectrum Analyzer User Guide : Instrument Overview : Interface Screen : Touch Screen Keys
Touch Screen Keys
Main Menu Touch Screen Keys
There are five main menu keys horizontally arranged along the bottom of the interface screen. These keys give access to the instrument’s test and measurement functions, which are documented in the applicable Measurement Guide. Refer to Measurement Guides.
Different operation or measurement modes may display different main menu keys. To switch to another mode, press the Menu key, or press Shift followed by the Mode (9) key.
The instrument model and installed options determine what measurement modes are available. Refer to Table: Site Master Models and Table: Available Options.
Submenu Touch Screen Keys
Most of the instrument setup, control, and measurement functions are performed through the use of the submenu keys along the right side of the display. The key labels change as measurement settings and instrument setup parameters change. The current submenu title is displayed at the top of the submenu key block, which consists of up to eight touch screen keys. See Figure: Cable and Antenna Analyzer Return Loss Measurement Display.