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Symbols and Icons on the Title Bar
Title Bar with Icons
The instrument title bar displays the system date and time. When GPS is on and is tracking satellites, its icon is followed by latitude and longitude coordinates.
Press the storage icon to open the touch screen keyboard for saving measurements, setups, limit lines, or screen display JPEG files. This shortcut to the Save Menu is equivalent to pressing Shift and File (7), then Save. Refer to Save Dialog Box.
Press the camera icon to save a JPEG image of the current screen display.
The battery symbol indicates the charge remaining in the battery. The colored section inside the symbol changes size and color with the charge level. The Battery Charge LED (adjacent to the On/Off button) flashes when the battery is charging, and remains on steady when the battery is fully charged.
Use only Anritsu‑approved batteries, adapters, and chargers with this instrument. Anritsu Company recommends removing the battery for long-term storage of the instrument.
The Shift icon is displayed after the Shift key is pressed, and it remains displayed until another button is pressed.