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Save Menu
Key Sequence: Shift > File (7Save Measurement
Key Sequence: Shift > File (7) > Save
Save Menu
Restore Default Quick Name Buttons
Press this submenu key to undo any Quick Names previously entered and return all Quick Name buttons to factory defaults.
Change Quick Name
Press this key to change the Quick Names at the bottom of the touch screen keyboard (see Figure: Save Dialog Box). Select the Quick Name to edit, then press Enter. Type the new Quick Name and press Enter again. The new Quick Name is displayed on the button below the keyboard.
Change Save Location
Press this submenu key to open the Save Location Menu, where you can set the location of the destination file for saved data.
Change Type
Press this submenu key to open the Select File Type list box and the File Type Menu.
Save Dialog Box
File Type Menu
Key Sequence: Shift > File (7) > Save Measurement > Change Type
Key Sequence: Shift > File (7) > Save > Change Type
File Type Menu
JPEG Capture
Full Graph Only
Press this submenu key to toggle between file types, Full and Graph Only. Choose Full to include all of the additional data on the measurement screen. Choose Graph Only to capture just the measurement trace in the sweep window.