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Save Location Menu
Key Sequence: Shift > File (7) > Save > Change Save Location
Save Location Menu
Sort By
Name Type Date
Press this submenu key to choose the item by which folders are sorted in the Select Save Location list. See Figure: Save Location Screen.
Sort Order
Ascend Descend
Press this key to toggle the sort order of the folder list between Ascending and Descending.
Create Folder
Press this submenu key to create a new folder inside the selected directory. Enter the new folder name in the Create Directory dialog and press Enter. To return to the Select Save Location dialog without creating a new folder, press Esc.
Set Location
Press this submenu key to set the currently selected folder as the destination where saved files will be stored, and to return to the Save Menu. Press Esc to exit without saving.
Refresh Directories
Press this key to update the folder list after connecting or disconnecting an external USB drive.