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Symbols and Indicators
The following symbols, icons, and indicators convey the instrument status or condition on the display. The colors shown here are in the standard or default display mode.
 Symbols and Icons
Green: Battery is 30% to 100% charged.
Yellow: Battery is 10% to 30% charged.
Red: Battery is 0% to 10% charged.
Green with Black Plug body: Battery is fully charged and external power is applied.
Lightning Bolt: Battery is being charged (any color symbol).
Red Plug body: External power is applied, and no battery is installed, or battery has lost communications with the instrument.
Storage Icon: Tap the floppy disk icon to display the Save screen and menu.
Camera Icon: Saves a JPEG image of the current screen display.
Shift Key Icon: This icon is displayed between the battery symbol and the submenu keys after the Shift key has been pressed, and until another key is pressed.
GPS Icon: This icon is displayed right after the date and time when GPS is available. Refer to GPS (Option 31) for details.
Power Button with Power LED and Charge LED: This is a physical button with LED indicators. It is located near the numeric keypad.