Site MasterCable and Antenna Analyzer with Spectrum Analyzer User Guide : GPS (Option 31)
GPS (Option 31)
Activating the GPS Feature
Resetting GPS
Saving and Recalling Traces with GPS Information
Saving Traces with GPS Information
Recalling GPS Information
GPS Menu
The Site Master is available with a built-in GPS receiver feature (Option 31) that can provide latitude, longitude, altitude, and UTC timing information. This option also enhances frequency reference oscillator accuracy in the spectrum analyzer mode. When GPS is actively locked to satellites, this information is saved with all saved measurements and can be displayed with Master Software Tools. No accuracy specifications apply if no GPS satellites are acquired.
The Site Master Technical Data Sheet provides a list of the options and measurements that require GPS (Option 31). In addition to having Option 31 installed, a GPS antenna is required. Refer to the instrument Technical Data Sheet for compatible GPS antennas.