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GPS Menu
Key Sequence: Shift, System (8) > GPS
GPS Menu
Press this submenu key to turn GPS on or off.
GPS Info
Press this submenu key to display the current GPS information.
Tracked Satellites
Shows the number of tracked satellites (three are required to retrieve latitude and longitude, four are required to resolve altitude). Generally, the larger the number of satellites tracked, the more accurate the GPS information.
Latitude and Longitude
Shows location in degrees, minutes, and seconds.
Shows altitude information in meters.
Universal Coordinated Time.
Fix Available
The cold start search sets are established to ensure that at least three satellites are acquired within the first couple of minutes. When three satellites are found, the receiver will compute an initial fix (typically in less than two minutes). Fix Available: No means that the initial position has not been established.
Almanac Complete
The system almanac contains information about the satellites in the constellation, ionospheric data, and special system messages. In a cold start, the GPS receiver has no navigation data, so the receiver does not have a current almanac. A complete system almanac is not required to achieve a first position fix. However, UTC time is not correct until the almanac is complete, and the availability of the almanac can significantly reduce the time to first fix.
Antenna Status

OK: Active antenna is connected and is working properly.
Short/Open: If an active antenna is in use, a short or open exists between the antenna and the connection. If this message is displayed, replace the antenna. If the message persists, try another Anritsu GPS antenna. If needed, contact your nearest Anritsu Service Center. If a passive antenna is in use, the message should display: Antenna OPEN Detected or Passive Antenna Used.
Receiver Status
Current status of the receiver.
GPS Antenna Voltage and Current
Shows voltage and current.
GPS Voltage
Press this submenu key to set the source voltage at 3.3 V or 5 V, depending on the GPS receiver being used. The default setting is 3.3 V to prevent accidental damage to lower‑voltage GPS antennas.
The Reset key sets the number of tracked satellites to 0 and erases any almanac data and saved coordinates. The process of searching for and reacquiring satellites will begin again.
Press this submenu key to return to the System Menu.