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Data Entry
User input can be in the form of numeric values for instrument or measurement settings, selected values from a preset list, or alphanumeric text when entering file names, for example. To view or change a parameter value, access the appropriate submenu by pressing one of the five main menu keys along the bottom of the interface screen, then navigating through the touch screen submenus.
Other instrument functions are accessible from the numeric keypad, when used in combination with the Shift key. Refer to Numeric Keypad. Some of the parameter settings displayed on the left of the interface screen or under the title bar are touch screen shortcuts to related submenus.
Depending on the measurement mode, refer to the associated Measurement Guide listed in Measurement Guides for a description of available menus and submenus.
Numeric Values
To modify a numeric parameter setting that is displayed on a submenu touch screen key, press the key to make it active. The display color of the currently set value changes to red. Use the rotary knob, arrow keys, or the numeric keypad to change the value. When entering a value from the keypad, the submenu typically shows the selectable units. Press the desired unit or press Enter to complete the entry.
Selection Lists
Some parameters and instrument functions are selectable from a pop-up list. These list boxes display the available selections, and value limits if applicable. Use the arrow keys or the rotary knob to scroll through the list and highlight the desired entry. You can also use the touch screen to make your selection.
To apply the selection, press Enter. To exit the selection list without making a change, press the Escape (Esc) key.
Text Entry
When an instrument function requires you to enter text, such as a name for a measurement or setup file you wish to save, a touch screen keyboard is displayed. See Figure: Touch Screen Keyboard. Digits can be entered using the touch screen keyboard or the front panel keypad. The left and right arrow keys move the insertion point in the file name edit box.
Refer to Save Dialog Box for information on saving files.
Touch Screen Keyboard