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Delete Files
Press the Delete key under the File menu to open the Delete dialog box and menu, where you can delete a single or multiple files or folders. Items to be deleted may be in the instrument’s internal memory or an external USB drive, if connected. However, you cannot select files and folders located in different drives simultaneously.
The files listed in the Delete dialog box depend on the chosen file type, which is selected using either the Filetype drop down list or the File Type submenu key. You can also change the way folders and files are sorted in the displayed list. Refer to Delete Menu.
Delete Dialog Box
Use the touch screen, rotary knob, or the Up/Down arrow keys to highlight the file or folder you wish to delete. Then, press the Select or De-Select submenu key. The selected item is highlighted in blue. Pressing the key again deselects the current item.
To delete multiple files or folders, scroll to the next item and press the Select or De-Select key. Press the Delete key, then confirm or cancel the deletion in the confirmation box.