Site MasterCable and Antenna Analyzer with Spectrum Analyzer User Guide : System Operations : Firmware Update
Firmware Update
To update your Anritsu instrument firmware, use a high quality USB memory device with at least 250 MB of free space and FAT32 file system format.
1. Insert the memory device into your PC or laptop.
2. From a browser, go to the following Anritsu Products page:
3. If the Web page lists more than one product, find your instrument model number and click the link.
4. On the product page, press the Downloads button.
5. Under the Drivers/Firmware/Software tab, you can optionally follow the Firmware Revision/Release History link to download a document detailing current and past firmware changes.
6. Click on the link Firmware Update for the Site Master S3xxE.
7. Click the Download button, then choose Save or Save As. Do not run the executable file directly from the Web page.
8. Go to the Save location designated in Step 7 and double-click the installer file, Model_Ver_USBLoader.exe.
9. In the Firmware Update dialog, click to view, then accept the software license agreement.
10. Click Browse and select the Removable Disk drive where the USB device is inserted.
11. Click Prepare USB Memory Stick to create the firmware update USB device.
12. After the firmware update tool has finished, click through the final steps in the Firmware Update dialog to close the installer program.
13. Eject the memory device from the computer.
The file structure created on the USB memory device by the installer program is necessary for a successful firmware update and must not be altered in any way.
14. Turn off the Site Master and insert the USB memory device into the instrument.
15. Make sure the Site Master is plugged into an AC power source and not running on battery alone, then turn on the instrument.
16. At bootup, the instrument should detect new firmware on the USB device and ask if you wish to upgrade. Press Yes.
17. The Automatic Firmware Update dialog should open at this time. Skip to Step 19.
If the same firmware code as contained on the USB device is already loaded on the instrument, a message indicating that firmware update is skipped will display briefly on the instrument screen.
If the firmware update on the memory device does not match your instrument model, an error message will display briefly, indicating that it is not compatible.
18. If there is no error but the instrument does not enter upgrade mode automatically:
a. Press Shift > System (8) > System Options > Reset > Update Firmware.
b. Press Load Firmware at the bottom left of the instrument screen.
c. Press Update Application Firmware.
d. The Firmware Update dialog opens.
19. Use the Up/Down arrow keys or the rotary knob to select one of the Save modes.
Save none: No attempt is made to save any user data.
Save user data: User data is saved to the selected external media device.
Save & restore user data: User data is saved to the selected external media device. The instrument also attempts to restore the files to the instrument after the update.
Some user data may be lost if not enough memory space is available on the selected device.
20. Press Enter.
21. Press Enter again to confirm your intention to proceed with the firmware upgrade.
To cancel the operation, press Esc. In this case, you need to press Shift > Mode (9) and select an application from the Mode Selector list in order to exit upgrade mode and resume normal instrument operation.
You cannot stop the upgrade once it has started. To avoid potential permanent damage, do not turn off the instrument or remove the USB memory device during the firmware update.
22. After the update is complete, the instrument should reboot automatically.
If the instrument turns off and does not restart on its own, remove the USB memory device and turn on the instrument by holding down the System (8) key, then pressing the Power button. Keep pressing System (8) until the Anritsu splash screen is displayed.
Be sure to use this key combination in order to perform a Master Reset while turning on the instrument. Pressing the Power button alone may put the instrument in an unrecoverable error state.