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The Anritsu Tool Box is a suite of applications that provide an interface between Anritsu handheld RF instruments and a PC. The instrument connects to the computer via a USB, Ethernet, or serial port. Depending on the application selected, available functions range from the capture, transfer, and reporting of measurement data for trace analysis, to coverage and interference mapping, and the delivery of work instructions.
Tool Box applications are available for download from the Anritsu website at Click the link to one of the Tool Box applications, then click Downloads and choose either the Full Installer or Web Installer. There is no difference between the two if you run the installer without saving. If you elect to save, the Full Installer will download all Anritsu software needed in a single executable file, which allows you to perform the installation later on a computer with no Internet access required. The Web Installer is a much smaller file that will require Internet access to execute the software installation.