Tracking Generator Measurement Guide : General Information
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This Measurement Guide documents Option 20 Tracking Generator functions of the Anritsu Spectrum Master E‑Series handheld instruments and Option 809, Option 813, and Option 820 of the Spectrum Master T‑Series instrument
The Option 20 Tracking Generator has a starting frequency of 500 kHz. The Option 809, Option 813, and Option 820 Tracking Generators have a starting frequency of 100 kHz. The highest frequency is the same as the highest tuning frequency of the spectrum analyzer.
Not all instrument models offer every option or measurement mode. Please refer to the Technical Data Sheet of your instrument for available options.
The screen images on your instrument may vary from those shown in this Measurement Guide.
Options 20, 809, 813, and 820 add Tracking Generator function to the Spectrum Analyzer mode of the instrument. This measurement guide describes only specific Tracking Generator functions.
The tracking generator and spectrum analyzer combination allows a signal to be applied to a device under test (DUT) to measure the frequency response.
General Spectrum Analyzer measurement functions including Frequency, Amplitude, Span, Bandwidth, Marker, Sweep, Trace, and Limit menus are detailed in the Spectrum Analyzer Measurement Guides (SPA MG) available on the Anritsu Web site:
T-Series Spectrum Master SPA MG (p/n 10580‑00349)
Master Software Tools does not support capture of Tracking Generator traces.