Tracking Generator Measurement Guide : E-Series Tracking Generator : Tracking Generator Overview
Tracking Generator Overview
1. Set the Mode to Spectrum Analyzer. Refer to General Information for details.
2. Preset the instrument (Shift+1 > Preset).
3. Set the spectrum analyzer frequency range using the Frequency (Freq) menu and submenus. Refer to the Spectrum Analyzer Measurement Guide (10580‑00244) for additional information.
4. Press the Shift key, then the Measure (4) key. Press the Generator key.
5. Press the Output Power button and set the output power (at the output connector before any external attenuation). In tracking mode, the output is leveled and flat over the spectrum analyzer frequency range.
6. Set the Generator Mode to Tracking. In Tracking Mode, the output frequency is paired with the spectrum analyzer input sweeping frequency.
7. Turn Generator Output On. The output power turns on at the level that has been set previously with the Output Power key.
Turning the Tracking Generator On sets the detection type (Amplitude > Detection) to Sample and sets the sweep mode (Sweep > Sweep Mode) to No FFT. Turning off the generator resets both parameters to their previous settings. Either parameter may be changed by the user with the Tracking Generator on or by the instrument when other measurements are also turned on.