Tracking Generator Measurement Guide : E-Series Tracking Generator : Transmission Measurements
Transmission Measurements
Option 20 includes normalized transmission measurements. This functionality is similar to a previous option, Option 21 “2‑Port Transmission Measurement”.
1. Connect a through cable between GENERATOR/RF OUT and ANALYZER/RF In connectors. From the Generator submenu, press the Transmission Measurement submenu key and then set Normalize On.
2. Figure: Normalized Through Cable (Trace at 0 dB) shows a through cable measurement after normalization. Note the relative scale numbers on the graticule lines (in increments of 10 dB) on the right side of the sweep window now that Normalization is ON. If desired, the resolution bandwidth and video bandwidth can be changed after normalization without needing to renormalize. After the normalization sweep is completed, reconnect the DUT between the GENERATOR/RF OUT and ANALYZER/RF In connectors.
Figure: Normalized Filter Trace shows the filter measurement after normalization. Displaying the trace required changing the Relative Ref (top of the graticule) and the Relative Scale (db range between grids).
Refer to Transmission Measurement Menu for additional information including Transmission Statistics and Transmission Offset.
Set the appropriate input attenuation needed before turning Normalization ON.
The Amplitude menus and the Frequency menus are disabled while Normalization is ON.
Normalized Through Cable (Trace at 0 dB)
Normalized Filter Trace