Tracking Generator Measurement Guide : T-Series Tracking Generator : Generator Menu
Generator Menu
Key Sequence: Measure (Shift + 4) > Generator
Generator Menu
Generator On Off
Press to turn the tracking generator On or Off. The output power is turned on at the level that was previously set with the Output Power submenu key.
Output Power
Press to set the output power of the generator. The specified range is from – 40 dBm to 0 dBm. The range that can be requested is –50 dBm to +15 dBm, which the instrument will deliver on a best efforts basis. Levels beyond – 40 dBm to 0 dBm are not warranted. If the user has entered an external gain or loss value, that value will be added to the displayed value.
Generator Mode
Press to toggle the Generator Mode between CW and Tracking. In CW Mode, the output frequency is fixed and set by the CW Frequency submenu. In Tracking Mode, the output frequency is paired with the spectrum analyzer input sweeping frequency. The frequency range is set using the Freq main menu and submenu keys.
CW Frequency
Sets the frequency of the output when the Generator Mode is set to CW.
Displays the Settings Menu.
Transmission Measurement
Displays the Transmission Measurement Menu. To enter into Transmission mode, the Generator Mode must be set to Tracking and the Generator Output must be set to On.
Returns to the Measure menu.
Settings Menu
Key Sequence: Measure (Shift + 4) > Generator > Settings
Settings Menu
Ext Gain/Loss
Sets the tracking generator (RF OUT) external attenuation or gain. Press the Ext Gain/Loss submenu key and select a value from 0 dB to 100 dB, then select either dB External Loss or dB External Gain. The Generator Gain/Loss setting adjusts the Generator output power level displayed in the upper‑right corner.
Regardless of the external gain or loss setting, the output power range of the tracking generator will not change.
Power Statistics
Press to display the Tracking Generator Summary table displaying the spectrum analyzer received Maximum, Average, and Minimum power of each frequency range sweep. Only available with Generator Mode set to tracking.
Press to return to the Generator Menu.
Transmission Measurement Menu
Key Sequence: Measure (Shift + 4) > Generator [Generator = ON] [Generator Mode = Tracking] > Transmission Measurement
Transmission Measurement Menu
Press to toggle Normalization On or Off. When turned On, a calibration process is started. Make a THROUGH connection between the tracking Generator Output and the Spectrum Analyzer Input connectors before performing normalization. For the most accurate results, use the same cables and adapters that will be used for the normalization as will be used for the measurement. The current state (Off or On) is underlined.
Press to set the scale factor from 1 dB/division to 15 dB/division in 1 dB steps.
Reference Position
Press to set the graticle position of the Reference Amplitude. A setting of 5 uses the middle grid line. Position indicated by the > symbol.
Reference Amplitude
Press to set the reference amplitude. The Reference Amplitude value is placed at the defined Reference Position and the displayed amplitude values are adjusted based on the Scale division.
Transmission Statistics
Press to display the Transmission Measurement Statistics table displaying the received spectrum analyzer Maximum, Average, and Minimum relative power of each frequency range sweep.
Transmission Offset
Sets the offset for the normalized trace. Offset value is displayed in the Transmission Measurement Statistics.
Press to return to the Generator Menu.