Spectrum Masterâ„¢ Handheld Spectrum Analyzer User Guide : File Management : Managing Files : Copy Files
Copy Files
Press the Copy key under the File menu to open the Copy dialog box and menu, where you can copy a single or multiple files or folders. The source and destination locations may be the instrument’s internal memory or an external USB drive, if connected. The source files listed in the Copy dialog box depend on the chosen file type, which is selected using either the Filetype drop down list or the File Type submenu key. You can also change the way folders and files are sorted in the displayed list. Refer to Copy Menu.
The Filetype drop down list has the same function as the File Type submenu key. Selectable file types vary with the measurement mode. Files and folders to copy are listed in the top pane of the Copy dialog box. Select the destination in the bottom pane. See Figure: Copy Dialog Box.
Copy Dialog Box
1. To copy to or from an external USB drive, insert the flash drive into a USB port on the instrument. Otherwise, skip to the next step.
2. Press the Shift key, followed by File (7), then press the Copy submenu key.
3. Use the submenu keys to select the type of file to copy and the display order of folders and files, as appropriate.
4. Make sure the Scroll submenu key is toggled to Src (source).
5. Use the touch screen, rotary knob, or the Up/Down arrow keys to locate and highlight (that is, frame) the file or folder you wish to copy. To open a highlighted folder, press Enter. Press Enter again or press the Left arrow key to close it.
6. To select a highlighted file or folder for copying, press the Select or De-Select submenu key. The selected item is highlighted in blue.
7. If needed, repeat Step 5 and Step 6 to select more files or folders to copy.
8. Press the Scroll key to switch navigation control to the Dst (destination) pane. Alternatively, you can directly press a folder in the bottom pane to select it.
9. If the destination folder is off the screen, use the rotary knob or the Up/Down arrow keys to locate and select it.
10. Press the Copy key to copy the selected files or folders.
If a file by the same name already exists in the destination location, an error message is displayed, prompting you to press Enter to overwrite, or Esc to skip the conflicting file.