MA2700A InterferenceHunter Help : Spectrum Analyzer : EMF Measurement (Option 444)
EMF Measurement (Option 444)
Option 444 adds the EMF Measurement menu to the Spectrum Analyzer measurement mode. Refer to the EMF Measurement Guide (10580-00455) for complete description of this option.
Required Equipment
This option must be used in conjunction with an Anritsu isotropic antenna in the frequency range specified by the instrument and antenna technical data sheets.
1. Press the Shift key, then the Mode (9) key to open the Mode Selector dialog box. Use the Up or Down arrow keys to highlight the Spectrum Analyzer measurement mode and press Enter.
2. Press the Shift key followed by the Measure (4) key.
3. To access EMF Measurement, press the Power and Bandwidth submenu key, then EMF Measurement.