MA2700A InterferenceHunter Help : Spectrum Analyzer
Spectrum Analyzer
General Measurement Setups
Making Spectrum Analyzer Measurements
Setting Frequency
Setting Bandwidth Parameters
Setting Sweep Parameters
Resolution Bandwidth
Video Bandwidth
Sweep Limitations
Attenuator Functions
Indications of Excessive Signal Level
Preamplifier Measurement Example
Field Measurements
Field Strength
Antenna Calculations
Occupied Bandwidth Measurement
Channel Power Measurement
Channel Power Measurement for GSM
Adjacent Channel Power Measurement
EMF Measurement (Option 444)
Out‑of‑Band Spurious Emission Measurements
In‑Band/Out‑of‑Channel Measurements
AM/FM/SSB Demodulation
Carrier to Interference Ratio Measurement
Emission Mask (In-Band)
Spurious Emissions (Out-of-Band)
Creating a New Spurious Emission Mask
Loading an Existing Mask
Modifying an Existing Mask
Spurious Emissions (Out-of-Band) Measurements
IQ Waveform Capture (Option 24)
Waveform Capture Setup
Capturing a Waveform
Spectrum Analyzer Menus
Marker Menu
Measure Menu (1 of 5)
Measure Menu (2 of 5)
Measure Menu (3 of 5)
Measure Menu (4 of 5)
Measure Menu (5 of 5)
Sweep Menu
Trace Menus
Limit Menus
PIM Hunting
Application Options Menu
Freq (Frequency) Menu
Freq 1/2 (Frequency Menu without Offset)
Freq 1/2 (Frequency Menu with Offset Function)
Freq 2/2 Menu
Amplitude Menu
Amplitude Menu
Units & Detection Menu
Span Menu
Zero Span IF BW Menu (Option 89)
BW (Bandwidth) Menu
Marker Menu
More Peak Options (Marker & Peak) Menu
Marker 2/2 Menu
Sweep Menu
Sweep Mode Menu
Triggering Menu
Trigger Source Menu
Gate Setup Menu
Measure Menu
Power and BW Menu
Field Strength Menu
Channel Power Menu
EMF Menu (Option 444)
Masks and C/I Menu
Emission Mask (In-Band) Menu
Spurious Emissions (Out-of-Band) Menu
C/I Menu
C/I Signal Type Menu
AM/FM Demod 1/2 Menu
Demod Type (AM/FM) Menu
AM/FM Demod 2/2 (More) Menu
Generator Menu (Optional)
IQ Waveform Capture Menu (Option 24)
IQ Capture Triggering Menu
IQ Capture Save Menu
IQ Capture Frequency/Amplitude Menu
Coverage Mapping Menu (Option 431)
Trace Menu
Trace A Ops Menu
Trace B Ops Menu
Trace C Ops Menu
Limit Menu
Edit Menu (Limit)
Edit Menu (Continued)
Limit Move Menu
Limit Envelope Menu
Limit Advanced Menu
Application Options Menu
Other Menus
Spectrum analyzer measurements include the use of additional functions beyond frequency, span, amplitude, and marker functions. General Measurement Setups and Making Spectrum Analyzer Measurements explain setup procedures and settings for making spectrum analyzer measurements. Resolution Bandwidth through Detection focus on resolution bandwidth, video bandwidth, sweep, attenuator, and detection functions. Field Measurements through IQ Waveform Capture (Option 24) cover field measurements including brief examples demonstrating field strength, occupied bandwidth, channel power, adjacent channel power ratio, EMF, out-of-band spurious emissions, in-band/out-of-channel, AM/FM/SSB demodulation, masks and carrier to interference ratio (C/I), coverage mapping, and IQ waveform capture. Finally, Spectrum Analyzer Menus though Other Menus detail the submenus available in Spectrum Analyzer mode.