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IQ Capture Save Menu
Key Sequence: Shift > Measure (4) key > IQ Waveform Capture > File Name & Location
SPA IQ Capture Save Menu
Capture Location
Opens the Select Save Location dialog and Save Location menu. Refer to the instrument’s User Guide for additional information.
Filename (Prefix)
Allows changing the prefix of the output file. Files are saved with a running counter appended to this prefix. Its extension is *.wcap. For example: CaptureOut0045.wcap. CaptureOut is the set prefix file name, and 0045 is the counter number appended to the prefix.
Pressing File Name (Prefix) opens the Edit Filename Prefix dialog and Save menu. The waveform capture output file is a combination of XML and binary data. The beginning of the file contains all of the capture‑related parameters such as center frequency, bandwidth, and capture rate as well as any contextual information about the file, such as time, date, and GPS location (if available). At the bottom of the file, in between the <Data> tags,
is the raw I and Q data in binary form. I and Q data points are each 3 bytes long and stored in 24‑bit twos complement in an alternating fashion
(in other words, I0, Q0, I1, Q1…).