MA2700A InterferenceHunter Help : Spectrum Analyzer : Measure Menu : IQ Waveform Capture Menu (Option 24)
IQ Waveform Capture Menu (Option 24)
Key Sequence: Shift > Measure (4) key > IQ Waveform Capture
This menu is available only when Option 24 is installed on your instrument.
SPA IQ Waveform Capture Menu
Start Capture
Initiates a capture using the current settings. Messages appear on screen to notify the user of progress and the filename of the data acquired after the waveform capture is complete (Figure: IQ Waveform Capture). If Capture Mode is set to Continuous, this button becomes the Stop Capture button. Press the Stop Capture button to end a continuous waveform capture.
Capture Length
Sets the time length of the capture.
Capture Mode
When set to “single”, the instrument performs one waveform capture each time “Start Capture” is pressed. When set to “continuous”, the instrument begins a new capture as soon as the previous one is finished.
Sample Rate
Opens the Select Capture Sample Rate dialog (Figure: IQ Capture Sample Rate). Select the desired Sample Rate (MHz) and associated Bandwidth (MHz) and then press Enter.
Opens the IQ Capture Triggering Menu to set the triggering parameters.
File Name & Location
Opens the IQ Capture Save Menu to set the directory location of the saved file and the prefix of the file name.
Opens the IQ Capture Frequency/Amplitude Menu which contains the specific buttons for setting up the capture waveform frequency, display and attenuation parameters.
Returns to the Measure Menu.