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Channel Power Menu
Key Sequence: Shift > Measure (4) key > Power and Bandwidth > Channel Power
SPA Channel Power Menu
Begins or ends the channel power measurement. When the measurement is on, Ch Pwr appears below the display. The detection method automatically changes to RMS Average when the measurement is started. The detection method can be modified by pressing the Shift and the Sweep keys and pressing the Detection submenu key.
Center Freq
Activates the center frequency function, and sets the center frequency of the instrument for the channel power measurement. Enter values using the keypad, arrow keys, or the rotary knob. The up and down arrows change the frequency by the frequency step size entered in the Freq (Frequency) Menu. The left and right arrows change the frequency by 10% of the span. When using the numeric keypad, press a unit key or press Enter for values in MHz. With zero offset, this key is labeled Center Freq. With an offset other than zero, the key is labeled Offset Center Freq, as illustrated on the left, below the full menu. Refer to Freq 1/2 (Frequency Menu with Offset Function).
Ch Pwr Width
Sets the width for the channel power. Use the keypad, the directional arrow keys, or the rotary knob to enter the channel power width. The up and down arrow keys change the Channel Power Width by the frequency step value. The left and right arrow keys change the value by 10% of the span.
Sets the span for channel power measurement. Use the keypad, directional arrow keys, or the rotary knob to enter the span.
Ch Pwr Limit On/Off
Press this submenu key to turn Channel Power Limit on and off.
Ch Pwr Limit
Press this key and use the arrow keys, rotary knob, or numeric keypad to enter the upper limit value for the Channel Power.
Returns to the Power and BW Menu.