MA2700A InterferenceHunter Help : Spectrum Analyzer : Sweep Menu : Gate Setup Menu
Gate Setup Menu
Key Sequence: Shift > Sweep (3) key > Gated Sweep Setup
SPA Gated Sweep Menu
Gated Sweep
Turns the Gated Sweep function On and Off. Gated Sweep is not allowed in Zero Span mode. Refer to Gated Sweep (Option 90).
Gate Source
Selects the trigger source for the gated sweep.
External: This setting designates the trigger source as an external signal that is input via the instrument’s Ext Trigger In connector.
GPS (TD-LTE): The GPS trigger source is valid only on instrument models with 20 MHz IF Bandwidth available:
Cell Master MT8212E/13E
Spectrum Master MS2712E/13E
Additionally, these instruments must be loaded with firmware V1.60 or later, and have these options installed:
Option 31 (GPS), and either of
Option 551 (TD-LTE/LTE-A RF Measurements), or
Option 883 (LTE/LTE-A FDD/TDD Measurements)
When GPS (TD-LTE) is selected, the gated sweep time is 10 ms.
IF Pwr: This trigger type is available on model MS2720T only. When choosing IF power as the trigger source, press the IF Trig Level key (not shown) and use the rotary knob, arrow keys, or numeric keypad to enter the trigger power level. The value ranges from -150 dBm to +30 dBm.
Gate Polarity
Selects the trigger edge to begin the gated sweep.
Gate Delay
Sets the start of the gated sweep indicated by the left border of the blue dashed rectangle shown in the bottom graph of Figure: Gated Sweep Example - External Gate Source.
Gate Length
Sets the length of the gate and is reflected on the zero span graph by the width of the blue dashed rectangle.
Gate View Settings
Opens the Gate View Settings menu. Allows a user to independently change the RBW, VBW and sweep time of the zero span or gate view (bottom graph).
Zero Span RBW: Sets the resolution bandwidth of the zero span graph.
Zero Span VBW: Sets the video bandwidth of the zero span graph.
Zero Span Time: Sets the sweep time of the zero span graph.
Back: Returns to the Gate Setup menu.
Returns to the Sweep Menu and changes the Gated Sweep Setup view back to the full screen spectrum view. The Gated Sweep settings are retained and applied to the spectrum view.