MA2700A InterferenceHunter Help : Spectrum Analyzer : Emission Mask (In-Band)
Emission Mask (In-Band)
The emission mask is a segmented upper limit line that displays frequency range, peak power and frequency, relative power, and pass/fail status for each segment of the mask. The emission mask must have at least two segments.
1. Create or recall a multi‑segment limit line or envelope to use as an emission mask. Refer to Limit Menu for details on the Limit menu.
2. Press the Shift key followed by the Measure (4) key. Then press the Masks and C/I submenu key, and then the Emission Mask (In-Band) submenu key.
3. Press the Ref Power Peak/Channel submenu key to toggle between the two settings. When Peak is selected, the mask is moved up or down so that the mask value at the center frequency is the same as the peak value of the trace. When Channel is selected, the reference power value is the same as would be calculated by the Channel Power measurement, over the defined channel width; in this case, the mask value at the center frequency is moved to the channel power measurement result.
4. Press the Emission Mask On/Off submenu key to turn Emission Mask On.
5. The table at the bottom of the screen displays the pass/fail status of each Emission Mask segment.
Emission Mask (In-Band)