MA2700A InterferenceHunter Help : Channel Scanner (Option 27) : Sample Procedure
Sample Procedure
The power can be scanned using a signal standard and channel numbers, or by entering a start frequency, frequency step size, and bandwidth. The channels can be customized using the Scan Custom List or Custom Setup.
The following procedure demonstrates a common channel scanner setup.
1. Press the Scanner main menu key to activate the Scanner menu.
2. Press the Scan Channels submenu key.
3. Press the Signal Standard submenu key, then select the CDMA US PCS signal standard.
4. Press the Number of Channels submenu key and enter 20.
5. Press the Amplitude main menu key and set the Reference Level and Scale so that the power of all the channels is displayed on the screen.
6. Press the Measurements main menu key to activate the Measurement menu.
7. If needed, press the Display submenu key to select the Graph format.
8. Press the Max Hold submenu key and select On or 5 sec.
9. If needed, press the Channel Units submenu key to select the Channel setting.
10. Press the Power Display submenu key and choose Max to display the maximum measured power for each channel.
11. Press the Color Code submenu key and select Dual to display the measurements in dual colors.