MA2700A InterferenceHunter Help : Channel Scanner (Option 27)
Channel Scanner (Option 27)
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This chapter presents Channel Scanner information and procedures. The Channel Scanner option (Option 27) measures the signal power of multiple transmitted signals. The power can be displayed as either a bar graph or a text display showing the channel power of selected channels for a given air interface standard, or the manually entered channels. Up to 20 channels can be measured.
The operating frequency range for Channel Scanner mode can either be set manually, or the desired air interface standard can be selected from the Signal Standard and channel list in the instrument. When the channels are selected from the Signal Standard list, all frequency related parameters for the standard are automatically set to the appropriate values. The frequency and bandwidth settings can be manually entered using the Scan Frequencies selection if none of the available air interface standards meet the measurement need. A custom channel list can also be created to allow up to 20 independent channels to be defined.
With the use of Master Software Tools, Script Master extends the test capabilities of channel scanner testing of the instrument. Features include the use of a Script Master Test Setup File to set test parameters, extending the number of channel scans to 1200, repetitive testing, and time testing.
Set the instrument to Channel Scanner mode for all the measurements described in this chapter. Refer to Product Information, Compliance, and Safety.
General Measurement Setups
Refer to your instrument User Guide for instructions on setting up frequency, span, amplitude, GPS, limit lines, markers, and file management.