MA2700A InterferenceHunter Help : Channel Scanner (Option 27) : Custom Setup Example
Custom Setup Example
This example explains how to monitor several signals, plus a potential intermodulation product, to see if there is a correlation between the nearby signals and an intermittent interference problem.
The signals on or near the rooftop are:
An FM broadcast station at 106.5 MHz
A paging transmitter at 157.86 MHz
Three cellular sites:
US CDMA PCS channel 50 (1932.5 MHz)
LTE Band 13 DL channel 5230 (751 MHz)
GSM 1800 channel 512 (1805.2 MHz)
A Ham repeater at 147.36 MHz
A Ham repeater at 446.5 MHz
A land mobile repeater at 451.7875 MHz
A public safety repeater at 485.5625 MHz
In addition, the site is near the flight path of an airport. The approach frequency is 121.4 MHz.
Set up a measurement channel for each of the signals to be observed plus extra channels for any intermodulation products to be observed.
After the channels are set up, press Shift | File | Save then press the Change Type submenu key and select Setup from the list by using either the up or down arrow keys or the rotary knob, then press Enter. Name the setup for easy recall later and press Enter.